Team Building Training Events & Team Coaching

Our team building training programmes and team coaching events deliver unique, transformational solutions to team development.

We help teams improve their relationships, their communication, their interactions and their processes, enabling increased team effectiveness and overall productivity.

Whether you are a new or experienced team, an intact team, project team or virtual team we can help you to be more effective and increase your team’s overall performance.

Our team building training programmes, team effectiveness events and team coaching solutions are aimed at teams who want to:

  • Be more effective as a team and increase team performance
  • Improve team communication and interactions
  • Improve team processes
  • Create or reassess and align the team’s mission, goals and objectives
  • Develop team spirit
  • Re-energise, develop and motivate the team

All of our team-building programmes and team building events are designed to meet your needs, ranging from half-day sessions to 2-3 day intensive programmes.

We provide a unique 3-Stage Approach to Team Development:

Team Development Stages 1-3

Stage 1 – The Team Building and Team Dynamics Event

The The Team Building and Team Dynamics Event is a great starting point for teams. This event will help team members to improve their communication and interactions with each other, build their relationships and rapport, recognise each other’s value within the team and develop the team relationship. We all have different styles of working; how we communicate, how we make decisions and how we perceive situations. This event will enable team members to understand each other’s perspective, recognise the strengths and attributes within the team and improve team relationships.

We use the Insights Discovery personality type tool as a way of improving a team’s understanding of its dynamics and attributes and at the same time improve rapport and relationships.

The Team Building & Dynamics Event will enable you to:

  • Understand each others personality traits
  • Recognise the impact you have on each other
  • Identify your colleagues’ personality types
  • Increase rapport and improve communication within the team
  • Understand the team dynamics & recognise the value each team member brings

Stage 2 – Team Effectiveness

The Team Effectiveness Programme provides a unique approach to team development, focussing on improving relationships and interactions between team members and at the same time creating an environment where the team can objectively analyse their performance and action plan accordingly. The Team Effectiveness Programme focuses on improving how the team functions as a whole to enable increased performance and productivity.

We use a team diagnostic to aid open and honest exploration of how the team functions, enabling the team to analyse its strengths and potential weaknesses and action plan against these to improve team performance.

The Team Effectiveness Programme will enable you to:

  • Insights Team EffectivenessExplore the team dynamics
  • Objectively assess the strengths and challenges of the team
  • Create the space and the environment for open and honest conversations
  • Improve communication and working methods
  • Enhance team relationships
  • Focus on the strengths and challenges most critical to the team’s success
  • Develop action plans to enable the team to perform at it’s best

Stage 3 – Team Coaching

Team coaching is a powerful experience that enables a team to agree, define and deliver its goals and objectives and work together collaboratively. Too often ‘teams’ have mixed agendas and objectives; team coaching enables a team to come to agreement on its goals and objectives and the method of achieving these with buy in to the outcome and accountability for the process.

We offer the latest team coaching techniques to enable teams to agree mutual goals, improve team interactions, enable team accountability, drive improvement and measure progress. We help teams improve how they function and increase their effectiveness as a whole.

Coaching is now recognised as a core element of self-development for leaders, enabling them to reach their goals and potential, yet few organisations have realised the benefits of team coaching. Considering that teams rather than individuals are responsible for most organisational goals, team coaching has huge potential.

The Team Coaching Process:

  • We recommend a minimum of 3 Team Coaching Sessions over a period of 3-6 months.
  • Prior to the Team Coaching Sessions we contract with you on your objectives and outcomes required and we gather feedback from individual team members to gain their perception of the team and to understand their personal objectives.
  • Each Team Coaching Session will commence with clarifying the goals for the session.
  • Team Coaching Sessions include observation at team meetings, giving feedback, improving working practices and creating processes to embed change.
  • Following each session, we provide ongoing support to help the team stay on track and measure progress.


“Melanie and the team at People Results are a rare breed of consultancy that truly seek to understand your organisation and teams upfront, the openness and effort they put in prior to any formal engagement really sets them apart. Why? Because it brings results, their sessions are engaging, relevant and impactful. They are more tuned in than any I have experienced. Our teams left feeling invigorated and better equipped to communicate with customers and colleagues. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Phillip Stylianides
Director of Commercial Strategy, Marketing and Communications
Picker Institute Europe

“Melanie facilitated a fantastic day for my team. We worked together ahead of the day to ensure our objectives would be met & on the day Melanie brought a great deal of experience, with personal stories, to bring to life what Insights meant for us all. The day has subsequently helped us as a team, continue to develop strong relationships that has benefited both delivery of results and team spirit. Melanie herself was energetic & inspiring, exactly what was needed in our trainer!

Jo Martin
Head of Store Marketing


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